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Cardi-hearted promotion

2021-11-30Return list

In mid-October, due to the emergence of the epidemic, the government has increased management and control, and the city counties suddenly sealed the city, causing our many medicines to send, the colleagues of the business tripperverted home, some colleagues have been isolated due to epidemic prevention needs, which makes the company The sales work is affected.


As a sales person, we know the responsibility on the shoulders. In the face of heavy difficulties, our in-job staff wants to do every way, solve the problem of freedom of customers through delivery, mailing, delivery, etc., and have not allowed a customer to be affected by the epidemic. After the delivery channel is released in each city, we also guarantee that the medical unit is supplied, there is no complaint. At the same time, we help each other, even if someone else's business, we are also doing our own business, do our best.
In our work, although we are responsible for the region, duties are not the same, but our heart is tight. Nothing is more touching than your heart, there is nothing more powerful than the Great Wall of "Heart". I believe that under our joint efforts, we will finally win the epidemic, ushered in the spring blossom.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Yu Min