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The company restaurant held a fire drill

2020-04-29Return list


In order to implement the company's 2020 safety production policy and safety goals, effectively do a good job in the daily safety work of staff restaurants, and improve the emergency avoidance and handling capabilities of all restaurant staff in response to emergencies, on the afternoon of April 26, the administrative department organized the restaurant personnel to follow The "Administrative Department Mechanical Injury Emergency Drill Program" carried out a fire-fighting simulation drill in the restaurant's back kitchen operation room and the west wall of the logistics door. Other personnel of the Administration Department watched the exercise.


In order to ensure the effective development of this exercise, the head of safety and restaurant personnel of the department carefully formulated the exercise plan based on the actual situation of the restaurant, and established three rescue teams, evacuation teams, and medical rescue teams. group. Before the drill, the head chef Xu Jun explained the fire drill process in detail, clarified the responsibilities of each group, and laid a good foundation for the smooth completion of the fire drill.

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At 3 pm, the exercise officially began. When the simulated restaurant chef XXX was making fried foods, the oil spilled in the oil pan, which caused the cooking oil to catch fire, which may cause the gas to catch fire and cause an explosion. At the same time, the fume hood may also catch fire due to oil residue in the exhaust hood. At this critical juncture, the first person who discovered the fire in the back kitchen reported to the restaurant manager (exercise commander), and the restaurant immediately activated the safety emergency plan, and organized the staff to fight, evacuate, guard, and rescue in time. Finally, the danger was controlled. Avoid secondary accidents such as personal injury. The entire exercise was carried out in an orderly manner and achieved the expected goal.

After the drill, Xing Li, the administrative director, commented on the drill and pointed out the shortcomings. She hopes that everyone will face up to the existing shortcomings, strengthen their sense of responsibility and fire fighting skills, eliminate hidden dangers, and do a good job in restaurant fire safety.


In this fire emergency drill, by creating a fire situation, discovering the fire situation, reporting the fire situation, and then organizing the processes of extinguishing, rescue, evacuation, and escape, it enhanced the employees’ awareness of prevention and standardized the use of fire-fighting equipment skills, and strengthened the employees to fight the initial fire. The actual combat experience effectively improves the emergency rescue capabilities of restaurant personnel.