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Gea - 24 tm 26 oktober 14 Who are we? My name is Gea Cusee and am breeding British shorthairs since  1999. My very first british shorthair I got through Melanie Wouters from Cattery Joufflu, for which im still gratefull. The breed colours I use most are, creme, choc, lilac, blue and torti with white.

What does ‘Seni Seviyorum’  mean? It means “I love you” in turkisch, that land has fascinated me also besides the shorthairs.

Why British shorthairs? The looks of a hugely teddy bear, firm head with preferable copper coloured eyes. They are very social with humans and love children. Playful mind of their own but loyal as a dog!

Goal? Breedings a healthy breed and improving its kind. This by finding the right stud and only working with breeders that have the same goals for this breed. Health and love for the cats is priority one, always. All are cats are HCM tested.